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Ride offered from Seattle area

I should have room for a mutant or two coming out of the Seattle area.  Hit me up here if you're looking for a lift!


I'm wondering what day yr coming back up? I wanna go this year, but have a commitment to DJ trans pride this year so seeing if I would be back on time 🙂

I really need a ride for me and my stuff. How can I get a hold of you?

I am attending AMF June 19-28. I won't be coming back early. Please post your contact info here and I will get ahold of you in the next couple of days. I am leaving Seattle this Saturday. It's a sock account because this is the internet and spam and all, but I'll check it to see if you emailed and give you my phono and stuff. I camp with Olytopia but no one is riding down from Seattle until the last weekend. Most of them are in PDX. So yr leaving Saturday and going all the way to the spot a day early or are you stopping somewhere. Just want to know because my people aren't leaving until Monday. Whatever, we'll figure it out, just email me.