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(Offered) from Portland!

Hey! I have a short bus (super comfy ride!) coming down from Portland early on the 22nd, heading back midday the 26th. If you need to be picked up or dropped off anywhere between Portland and Shasta on those days, I'm happy to help! Gas split is appreciated but not required. Cheers!

Hey, I am a Portlander who would LOVE to check out AMF for the first time as a way to spring forward! I was hoping to get down there as early as possible but if I have to wait til the 22nd that's fine. Pls call or text me at (503) 954-5262. Sorry if it's frowned on to leave numbers but I'm not online very often, believe it or not. xo Tony aka glamortramp

I am at a warehouse in Redding with some festy stuff to share (projector and battery bank with screens and a cool portal banner etc) and would love a ride if you still have space when you roll through...

I'm so sorry I cannooot figure out how to delete this post! I ended up selling my bus, it probably would have broken down anyway.  Hope to see ya there!