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Ride WANTED from Camp Tipsy or Oakland

Hello dears! I'll either be going wherever we do amf this year from near macarthur bart in Oakland or directly from Camp Tipsy at Lake Lodoga (Stonyford/Maxwell area) if I can find mutants at that event who want to go directly to amf.

I got tent, clothes bag, air mattress, and not too much stuff to bring that isn't squooshable unless I bring my cooler.

I am a friendly, helpful sparkle clydesdale of a boss bitch. I can drive or talk a bunch or shut up if you are sleepy. I got $ to share on gas costs. I'm willing to rent a car if it absolutely becomes necessary.

You can reach me via email or call/text 415.374.4478. Once I am on the way to Stonyford tonight, I may have little/no reception up that hill. Looking forward to having an absolutely sickeningly good mutant fest with you.